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Advisorix, business coaching software

Advisorix provides online tools and customized client reporting for advisors to business leaders.

Deliver more value to your clients each month:

quickly see their numbers,

continually discover opportunities,

consistently track actions, and

easily document results.

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Why People Use Advisorix?

AdvisorixBusiness coaches, fractional CFOs, and consultants use Advisorix for a range of reasons:

  • Demonstrate documented value from your advising relationship
  • Comprehensive reporting of your client’s numbers, issues, actions and results each month
  • Differentiate yourself with a process, technology, and something tangible – customized reporting
  • Retain your clients longer by continually identifying new opportunities for improvement each month with an easy to use process
  • Discover the few most important actions to focus your client’s attention on now
  • Increase your clients’ resolve to hold themselves accountable for action
  • Reduce the time it takes to get up to speed on the issues with each client

AdvisorixClients like working with a coach or advisor who uses Advisorix for several reasons:

  • Identifying and focusing on the few most effective actions for them to take in the next 30 days
  • The process gives them peace of mind by focusing on the most essential issues now to reach their goals
  • The have confidence for action knowing their decisions are based on a comprehensive analysis of their situation, and solid advice from an experienced and fully informed advisor
  • Advisorix raises the client above the day to day operating activities to see the bigger picture and what is important now
  • Accountability for taking action is increased
  • A tangible monthly report set lays out the numbers, issues, and actions
  • Documented results of actions taken
  • Demonstrated value gained from their advisor relationship

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"I like giving the client something tangible, the Advisorix reporting, from our relationship."


"Advisorix helps me bring more rigor to my process with clients. It improves what I'm offering."


"Advisorix helps me understand a whole spectrum of issues a client faces, not just a single problem issue."


Who uses Advisorix?

AdvisorixTypes of people who use Advisorix:

Business coaches, consultants, and fractional CFOs use Advisorix with their clients
• Angel investors, family investors, and lenders use Advisorix with persons they have loaned money to or invested in
• Absentee owners use Advisorix with the management team that is running the daily operations of their business

Business coaches, fractional CFO’s, and business consultants use Advisorix to aid their small business clients. Small business owners get the most value over time from an advisor relationship by using Advisorix to improve communication and track actions. Client companies using Advisorix typically generate between a half million and twenty million dollars in annual sales.

Advisorix is available as a monthly service to clients through Associates. Associates include people like business coaches, consultants, and fractional CFOs who use Advisorix with their clients. Typically Associates have an ongoing relationship with the client and meet at least once or twice a month. Associates are able to customize selected elements of Advisorix for their clients.

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What Exactly is Advisorix?

AdvisorixAdvisorix is an online application which guides you and your client through a monthly process including:

• an interview session (information gathering using

• a comprehensive monthly report package (increasing the client’s understanding of a range of issues)

a clarity session (discuss reports, update past actions and select new actions)

The focus of Advisorix is action, specifically giving you the greatest understanding of the range of issues and opportunities, so you can help the client identify and focus on the few most powerful actions to take now. With Advisorix you can capture those important actions, communicate them, and track the results. The objective is action; you maximize the chances every month of your client taking actions to reach their goals faster.

With Advisorix you can quickly and easily provide your clients with monthly reporting of their numbers, issues, actions and results. Each month you and your client receive a comprehensive report package on both qualitative and quantitative issues for use in a coaching session. This report is based on the client’s own information gathered from the monthly online interview you complete with the client at Advisorix. You can use the interview process and report package with individual clients, or with a team the client chooses.

Advisorix is not prescriptive; it does not tell the client what actions to take. As an advisor, one of your roles is to identifying potential actions. The Advisorix report package provides you and the client with a greater understanding of the numbers, issues, actions, and results from actions taken.

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How Does Advisorix Work?

There are three components to the monthly Advisorix process: the Interview Session, the Report Set, and the Clarity Session.


Interview Session

The Advisorix interview process quickly gathers key qualitative and quantitative information from your client. Each month after your client has closed their books for the previous month, the client (or the client’s bookkeeper) can update the numbers from the previous month. Once the numbers are in, there is literally no preparation required by your client to do the interview. You use the guided online process at to complete the interview with the client and capture their responses. You can complete the interview with the client, or after the client is familiar with the process and you prefer, the client can complete the interview online themselves. The interview can easily be done via phone, Skype, or some screen sharing technology so you don’t have to be physically with the client.

Monthly Report Set

A comprehensive set of visually appealing and professional looking reports is prepared and sent as a PDF to you and your client within two business days after completing the monthly interview. The client can also select additional recipients for this report package each month. With the report set you and the client can share a more complete understanding of the client’s situation, in both numbers and words. Advisorix is not just financial analysis; the client sees their entire situation and you discover the best actions to take now.

Clarity Session

You and your client can now use the reports as a basis for understanding and discussion in a clarity coaching session. With the report set you can see clearly what is happening now on a range of issues, and zero in on what actions to take now. The intent of this session is to help the client see clearly the few most powerful actions to take in the next thirty days.

The goal of Advisorix is to increase your client’s chances each month of identifying and selecting the best actions for the next month which lead to them reach their goals. Without action, nothing changes. Your role as coach or advisor is critical here. You may see many actions the client could take to improve their company. However, your client needs you to help filter through the many potential actions to the few most important and doable actions to focus on in the next thirty days.

After you and the client have selected the few key actions, record these at Advisorix. At this point the client also provides updates on the results of past actions, creating a record of documented results. Within two business days, the action plan for the next period is distributed as a PDF to you and your client.

What are the Benefits of Advisorix?

AdvisorixEasier to Get New Clients

Differentiate yourself from others by adding professional, high quality monthly diagnostics and reporting to clients

Deepen Your Relationship With Current Clients

• Deliver more value to your clients
• Quickly gain new insights each month from a comprehensive understanding of the client’s current situation
• Easy to use process generates the best ideas for action
• Capture your client’s attention and increase their focus on action
• Option to integrate your work with the client’s team using the discussion, reporting and action elements of Advisorix

Retain Current Clients Longer

• Show continuing value to your clients – with a documented record of results

Learn more about the benefits of Advisorix.

"Advisorix helps me take advantage of the power of continuous proactive actions, rather than just responding to the day to day demands of the business."


"Most reports end up on the shelf. Advisorix generates action on a recurring basis."


"Advisorix helps me be accountable for action."


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What is the Pricing for Advisorix?

Since our Associates often choose to provide Advisorix to their clients in combination with their services, we do not list pricing on our web site. If you’d like pricing, call us at 1-888-452-5277 or click here to contact us and we can discuss this with you after we learn about your advising practice.

Advisorix is affordable, even for your small business clients. With your help as an advisor, the improvements you help the client make with Advisorix can generate impressive returns on this investment. Clients can justify the price when compared to taking profitable actions, the soft benefit of the peace of mind it brings to clients, and the likelihood of avoiding mistakes that Advisorix can help prevent.

Access to accounts at and the monthly reporting services of Advisorix are provided for a monthly service charge to Associates (people who use Advisorix with their clients) for each of their Client Accounts. A separate Client Account is required for each of your clients who use Advisorix. For example, if you have five client organizations using Advisorix, you would be charged for five Client Accounts each month.

Is Advisorix for You and Your Clients?

AdvisorixYou and your clients could benefit from using Advisorix if…

• Your clients want more: to earn greater profit, to reduce risks, or growth as a leader
• Your relationship to the client is coach, consultant, part time CFO, investor, or lender
• You have an ongoing relationship with the client that is expected to last at least three months
• You provide general, strategic or broad coaching or advising to the client, rather than specialized technical consultation in one narrow area
• You meet with the client, by phone, or in person, at least twice a month
• You want to create more accountability with clients
• You want to demonstrate your value over time to retain them
• You realize the client would value receiving something tangible from you each month, like the Advisorix report package
• You want an easy to follow process that continually identifies new ways to help the client
• Your clients may come from a variety of industries
• Your clients range in size from about half million and twenty million in annual sales
• Your clients can vary greatly in sophistication and still benefit from Advisorix

If this sounds like your relationship with clients, call us today at 1-888-452-5277 or click here and learn more about how you can benefit from using Advisorix with your clients.

How to Get Started with Advisorix?

AdvisorixCall us at 1-888-452-5277 or click here to contact us.

The best way to start is with a phone conversation. You can quickly learn more about Advisorix, see a demo, and get your questions answered. Take advantage of our 60 day trial offer with your first Advisorix client.

We can take you through a simulation online so you can experience Advisorix just as one of your clients would. Once you have a sense of how Advisorix works, we can also assist you with getting your first client started. By doing so, you can get your first client going quickly, and learn the process so that you can start future clients confidently on your own.

You can try Advisorix risk free for 60 days with your first client. This will give you and your client two monthly action cycles to see the benefits of using Advisorix. If by 60 days you are not convinced it is a worthwhile monthly process for your client relationship, just use the “Cancel Account” option on your client’s Advisorix account.

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"Advisorix is not just financial analysis; it helps the client see and take action."


"Advisorix makes the numbers and issues approachable to clients."


"Advisorix creates a fast feedback cycle to quickly see the impact of changes and decisions."