Benefits of Using Advisorix

What are the Benefits of Using Advisorix?

benefits of Advisorix, why use AdvisorixEasier to Get New Clients

Differentiate yourself from others by adding professional, high quality monthly diagnostics and reporting to clients

Deepen Your Relationship With Current Clients

• Deliver more value to your clients
• Quickly gain new insights each month from a comprehensive understanding of the client’s current situation
• Easy to use process generates the best ideas for action
• Capture your client’s attention and increase their focus on action
• Option to integrate your work with the client’s team using the discussion, reporting and action elements of Advisorix

Increase Client Retention

• Show continuing value to your clients – with a documented record of results

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Benefit – Differentiate Your Services

differentiate-96hSet yourself apart from the crowd by adding professional, high quality monthly reporting for clients. Advisorix makes it easy to provide your clients with customized monthly reporting of their numbers, issues, actions and results. By integrating comprehensive monthly diagnostics, reporting, and action tracking with your advising, you differentiate yourself from others. Leave the client with more than a memory of your conversation; give them reporting that allows them to zero in on the issues and focus on actions you help them identify. Besides excellent reporting on quantitative and qualitative issues, Advisorix includes the ability to define and track specific actions you identify with the client. This produces for you and the client a focus for action, and documentation of results which sets you apart from other advisors.

Benefit – Gain New Insights Each Month

AdvisorixDiscover the insights to bring more value to your clients each month. Quickly generate new ideas for action each month with our comprehensive report package.

With the Advisorix process you easily generate new insights for action each month. The Advisorix monthly interview process, and the report package help you and your client continually uncover new opportunities. These may be steps the client can take on their own, or these could lead to project work where you directly assist the client with implementation. With Advisorix you quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business and situation. The better you understand their issues, the better advice and guidance you can provide. Each month you see the big picture and the issues, and yet are able to get into the reasons behind the trends and totals.

Advisorix gives you and your client a greater understanding. The process and reports get the client fully grounded in reality. Clients increase their awareness of where they are now on a range of issues each month. Advisorix removes some of the unknowns for clients and helps you uncover the icebergs before its too late. This clear understanding of a range of issues facing your client is the bedrock upon which you add your insights and advising. Advisorix creates and maintains this basis of understanding and awareness each month with your client, so you can build upon this solid foundation.

Advisorix is comprehensive. The interview and report process include both quantitative and qualitative topics each month. Quantitative issues include key numbers from financial statements, operations, sales functions, and even the client’s own Key Performance Indicators. The metrics and financial information are presented in a way that makes them approachable, even to clients who may not be that financially literate. Qualitative issues include factors related to growth, costs, human resources, financial controls, and risks to name a few. The Advisorix report package creates the clearest picture of where the client is now, so you can guide them to their next steps for action.

Benefit – Increase Your Value to Clients

AdvisorixBy delivering a constant stream of positive results, and supporting them with the clarity to act, you become a relationship they rely on.

Become more valuable to your clients by seeing things they don’t. With Advisorix you uncover new opportunities for the client, and you deliver a valuable report package each month. The reports inform you, but they don’t tell you or the client what to do. The client relies on you to help them understand their situation, and guide them to identify the best course of action. With Advisorix you can help the client see the right actions to take and avoid errors. Bad decisions can be deadly to many businesses; your ability to steer them away from mistakes is a great benefit to your client. You are the link between where the client is now, and the action they can take now to best reach their goals. You already bring great advice to the client, but by adding Advisorix the client also associates you directly with great reporting, deeper understanding, and documented results.

Benefit – Retain Clients Longer with Continually Documented Results

AdvisorixGive clients an answer to the inevitable question, “What am I getting from this investment in you each month?”

No doubt you provide significant intangible benefits to clients that cannot be quantified. Seeing a new vision of their future, uncovering opportunities they cannot see, encouragement, confidence building, just having someone to talk to, a sounding board, introductions to new contacts, and access to someone else’s knowledge and experience are just a few benefits from advisor relationships. However, your client needs more than this to remain a client for long.

Advisorix can increase your client retention in two ways. First, by documenting the results of your work with the client as a part of the Advisorix process, you literally create a list of actions you had a part in initiating, and the results. Best of all, the client easily participates each month in updating this record of results in their own words as part of the Advisorix process. Second, each month you can use the Advisorix process to not only discover new areas for improvement, but since you have such a comprehensive view of their situation you can wisely help them narrow their focus to the few actions that have the most impact now. By working with you and Advisorix, your client generates regular reporting of documented results, and identifies the most powerful specific actions to take now to make maximum progress toward their goals.

With Advisorix your client can emotionally rationalize the work with you because of the feelings of confidence, and peace of mind knowing their focus is on the right actions. Intellectually your client can rationalize work with you knowing their situation is now better than before because of the list of documented results generated from the Advisorix process each month. If the client has to defend their investment in your services to others, they now have the documentation to effectively justify their investment in your services.

Benefit – Easy To Use Process Uncovers Ideas for Action

right-wayUsing Advisorix makes easy to give clients fresh insights each month to inspire actions.

Advisorix continually uncovers new ways to benefit your client, even as their situation changes. The Advisorix process itself, the interview, the reporting, and the actions, probes and tracks the right issues so clients can reach their goals faster. Instead of you having to search for issues and potential actions, they simply come into view as a part of the Advisorix process.

Advisorix is like a well rounded workout program that brings balance. A good workout includes all the major muscle groups, and flexibility. As a result, you become a lot more fit overall compared to simply working on one type of exercise. In the same way, as you guide your client through the process each month, you cover a wide range of issues and numbers, and are able to help them improve in many areas. Even though Advisorix is a rigorous coaching methodology, it is actually quick and easy to use.

Benefit – Capture Your Client’s Attention

action-2Get your client’s attention and help them see and focus on the right actions each month.

Getting your clients to focus on the changes required for them to reach their goals can sometimes be a challenge. Your client’s time is limited and sometimes their attention is also. Maintain your client’s focus with Advisorix as you cover a wide range of issues in the interview each month. Quickly recognize the issues that are really top priority with the comprehensive Advisorix monthly report package. Fast action identification and action tracking are key benefits of using Advisorix. Increase your client’s attention on the few critical actions each month that will generate maximum results.

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Benefit – Focus on Actions and Results

AdvisorixAdvisorix helps you transition the client each month from talking and thinking, to concentrating energy on the few most powerful actions to take now.

Often the greatest value for clients comes not from knowing “100 things I ought to do” but rather from knowing “Which two things are most important to do now, and how do I actually do them?” With Advisorix you can see the whole range of issues, and discern the few specific actions which are most critical now. Moving the client from overwhelmed and uncertain, to confidence and clarity for action is something they appreciate.

After you’ve gone over the monthly report package together, the action feature of Advisorix allows you define and communicate the specific steps to take now. The client can use this with their team to explain the tasks and clearly communicate what is to be done.

For most clients, there is no silver bullet, no one quick thing they can do to reach their goals. Success comes from doing the right things over time, and adds up in the end. With Advisorix your client can harness this power of continuous action, with the focus each month on selecting and taking the few best actions now.

Several of the elements of Advisorix increase your client’s accountability for action:
• The client puts into writing the actions they intend to take. This increases their accountability to themselves, and their ownership for the goal.
• The client has accountability to you the advisor.
• The client’s team also provides accountability as tasks are often communicated to, and in some cases delegated to, the client’s team.
Follow up on the status of each action is built into the Advisorix process. The client knows they will be asked about completion, and the status of unfinished tasks will be reported to you as the advisor, and to the client on the monthly report set.

Using Advisorix helps your client focus on the few most powerful actions. Doing something is the point. The reports are designed to illuminate areas for action. You and your client can clearly define tasks, and track results with Advisorix. The action features of Advisorix make it easier to delegate and tap into the power of the client’s team. Tracking of actual results from the actions completed is also included in the reporting each month.

By using Advisorix with your client, you focus attention on the few best actions to take in the next thirty days, and increase the chances of the client completing those actions.

Benefit – Engage New Clients

AdvisorixWouldn’t you like potential clients to hear that you offer clients a fast and focused method of monitoring their business monthly and discovering the most beneficial actions to take? Would it enhance your image if you could show potential clients the useful technology and professional reporting you’ve integrated with your advising? Set yourself apart from the crowd that only has their time on the phone to offer their clients. Bring technology, process and reporting to your clients as well as your insights, experience and knowledge.

Benefit – Generate Additional Revenue

AdvisorixYou and your clients can earn more with Advisorix.

Often advisors bundle Advisorix with their services, and charge the clients more than the direct cost of Advisorix. In some cases, advisors have charged a setup fee to help their clients get started on Advisorix.

Since the focus of Advisorix is action, there are always opportunities for you to assist clients with actually carrying out some action, generating an additional project based revenue opportunity for you. Your involvement in project work with your client can speed up execution and increase their chances for successful completion of the initiative.

We do not sell Advisorix directly to clients. We have found that the coach or advisor is a critical part of the formula for producing results. The advisor (or Associate as we call them) who uses Advisorix with their client brings discipline, new perspective, and new insights for action to the process. Advisorix is much less likely to be powerful for a client without an effective advisor. However, if at some point your client chose to no longer engage you as an advisor, and they wished to continue to use Advisorix, they could continue to purchase it through you at your agreed upon price. This would give you the opportunity to earn income from providing Advisorix without investing your time.

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"I like giving the client something tangible, the Advisorix reporting, from our relationship."


"Advisorix helps me bring more rigor to my process with clients. It improves what I'm offering."


"Advisorix helps me understand a whole spectrum of issues a client faces, not just a single problem issue."