What is Advisorix Coaching Software?

What Exactly is Advisorix?

Advisorix is an online application which guides you and your client through a monthly process including:

• an interview session (information gathering using Advisorix.com)

• a comprehensive monthly report package (increasing the client’s understanding of a range of issues)

a clarity session (discuss reports, update past actions and select new actions)

What is Advisorix, business coaching softwareThe purpose of Advisorix is results through action, specifically giving you the greatest understanding of the range of issues and opportunities, so you can help the client identify and focus on the few most powerful actions to take now. With Advisorix you can capture those important actions, communicate them, and track the results. The objective is action; you maximize the chances every month of your client taking actions to reach their goals faster.

With Advisorix you can quickly and easily provide your clients with monthly reporting of their numbers, issues, actions and results. Each month you and your client receive a comprehensive report package on both qualitative and quantitative issues for use in a coaching session. This report is based on the client’s own information gathered from the monthly online interview you complete with the client at Advisorix. You can use the interview process and report package with individual clients, or with a team the client chooses.

Advisorix is not prescriptive; it does not tell the client what actions to take. As an advisor, one of your roles is to identifying potential actions. The Advisorix report package provides you and the client with a greater understanding of the numbers, issues, actions, and results from actions taken.

AdvisorixAdvisorix does not replace the coach; it supports your relationship with the client. The tools and report package from Advisorix are only half of what the client needs. The client benefits from the combination of good information on their situation, and specific insights from a real person. They need your analysis, advice, judgment, wisdom, and discipline. You are in a much better position to advise them if they are able to fully inform you each month of both their current situation, and what they are thinking on a range of issues. Together you can identify the best actions.

What else does Advisorix not do? It does not schedule meetings with clients. It does not force you to record a note or event for every interaction with the client. Advisorix does not require you to spend time on preparation before client meetings. It does not require integration with the client’s financial software. It does not even require the client to work with the Advisorix web site if you are willing to work with them on this. Best of all, Advisorix does not attempt to force all of your interaction with the client into the software. Just use Advisorix to do the monthly interview, review the reports sent to you with the client, and use Advisorix to identify your chosen actions for the next month.

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"Advisorix is not just financial analysis; it helps the client see and take action."


"Advisorix makes the numbers and issues approachable to clients."


"Advisorix creates a fast feedback cycle to quickly see the impact of changes and decisions."